How Did I Solve the ERROR CODE 0x800f0922

How Did I Solve the ERROR CODE 0x800f0922

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Recently, Microsoft released the new patch KB4551762. I hit the check for update as usual and wait for rebooting, however this time I met with a problem and WINDOWS cannot finish the update but undo the changes.

After its rolling back, i saw the error code 0x800f0922 

First of all, I want to make myself clear that 0x800f0922 is just a general error code that returned by the installing process, and many factors can lead to that, my solution may not fit your situation but I hope I can give you some suggestions.

Windows have a comprehensive log system, and we can find even anything about the operations the system have done during the updating process.

Navgiate to the folder C:\WINDOWS\Logs\CBS and you will see the log named CBS. Open it with notepad, and you will see many many info, and it should start with

2020-03-25 23:12:37, Info     CBS    TI: --- Initializing Trusted Installer ---

2020-03-25 23:12:37, Info     CBS    TI: Last boot time: 2020-03-25 22:55:36.500

2020-03-25 23:12:37, Info     CBS    Starting TrustedInstaller initialization.

Ctrl+F and search for the error code 0x800f0922

2020-03-25 23:45:58, Info     CSI    000009e2 ==Error Summary Start==

2020-03-25 23:45:58, Error    CSI    000009e3 (F) Installer: Task Scheduler    Binary Name: cmiadapter.dll ErrorCode: 80070005 Phase: 38   Mode: Install (upgrade) Component: Microsoft-Windows-BrokerInfrastructure-Configuration, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35, ProcessorArchitecture=amd64, versionScope=NonSxS[gle=0x80004005]

2020-03-25 23:45:58, Info     CSI    000009e4 ==Error Summary End==

2020-03-25 23:45:58, Error    CBS    Startup: Failed to process advanced operation queue, startupPhase: 0.  A rollback transaction will be created. [HRESULT = 0x800f0922 - CBS_E_INSTALLERS_FAILED]

2020-03-25 23:45:58, Info     CBS    Setting ExecuteState key to: CbsExecuteStateInitiateRollback | CbsExecuteStateFlagAdvancedInstallersFailed

Pay attention to the line between Error Summary, and i can see there seems to be something wrong when Task Scheduler was been insatlling.

So I trace back to see what's wrong with the Task Scheduler.

And what I see?

2020-03-25 23:45:58, Error      [0x018003] CSI    000009a3 (F) Failed execution of queue item Installer: Task Scheduler ({386b5911-b69e-4d2d-a3ab-796d2ec6af38}) with HRESULT HRESULT_FROM_WIN32(ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED).  Failure will not be ignored: A rollback will be initiated after all the operations in the installer queue are completed; installer is reliable[gle=0x80004005]

I think i have found the key problems that prevent a successful updating.

So I googled for it and I found it was not a new bug instead it have been observed for a long time since about 1809. The error occurred in Tskmgr which was actually to be blame for the XblGame, a registry was not correctly configured and the update installer failed to access to it, so it failed. : (

Once i knew what's wrong with my laptop, the fix process will be easy.

Clean up the realated temp files, just navigate to C:\Windows\System32\Tasks\Microsoft\ and delete the XblGameSave(whole folder).

and I open up the regedit and navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\TaskCache\Tree\Microsoft\XblGameSave

JUST delete the whole XblGameSave.

Exit the regedit and check for update again.

This time all of things worked smoothly and I finally solved the Problem.

PS: Thanks a lot for lchris789 in this post

Though his solution doesn't work for me but his experience inspired me.

MAY all of you can find the solution for your own problems.

Thanks for your reading.



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